WTW- INOLAB PH 7110 מד pH מעבדתי

The new inoLab® pH 7110 is ideal for routine measurements in the laboratory where automatic documentation is not the priority. <br />With a smooth and easily cleaned surface.

Measuring reliability

·          Repeatable measuring results provided by the active, automatic AutoRead function with recognition of stable end values

·          Safe operation: Automized functions reduce the number of keys

·          An adjustable timer recalls the next calibration and so with improves the measuring accuracy


-2.0 … 20.0 ±0.1 pH
-2.00 … 20.00 ±0.01 pH
-2.000 … 19.999 ±0.005 pH


±(1200.0 ±0.3) mV


±(2000 ±1) mV


*המחיר אינו כולל מע"מ

להתייעצות או לבקשת הצעת מחיר עבור מוצר זה, מלא פרטים ונחזור אליך!

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